Regenerative Medical Services

Here at Nenergy we provide state of the art regenerative medicines using our state of the art technology in order to help you achieve results that are exactly what you are looking for. Our services and programs will give you real results that are sure to make your life better by reversing the appearance and feeling of aging, giving your body the vitamins it needs to promote your health, and helping you live your best life – and it all starts with our wide menu of regenerative treatments.


Our Regenerative Medicine Treatments:

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Don’t let your hormones get in the way of you looking and feeling great. Bioidentical hormone therapy is a great choice for those who are looking to correct hormone imbalances. Our treatment looks for the hormones that are out of balance and we offer suggestions for treatment.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a lot like a good cleansing – for your body. Our Ozone therapies focus on detoxifying and infusing the blood, similar to our IV therapies, but a lot more advanced.

Medical Weight Loss

Sometimes you may need a little help with weight loss – and we are here to assist you on your journey. Our medical weight loss service helps those looking to lose a small amount of weight, or a larger amount if you are at risk for certain conditions.

Peptide Therapy

Our peptide therapy covers different areas of your health, such as better sleep, energy, immune system care, and muscle health – perfect for a wide range of health needs to customize your wellness goals.

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