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On a Mission to Improve your Quality of Life

Nenergy Boost is pioneering anti-aging medicine and instant wellness by providing a personalized approach to those seeking a solution with hydration and nutrient intake for optimal health and energy.

Drink from the Fountain of Youth

Nenergy Boost is a wellness clinic with a range of services and a simple mission; to instantly boost the quality of your life. Dr. Ghozland’s IV highly-consultative hydration and nutrient formulations offer optimal wellness, improve quality of life, and give you that glow from within.

With locations in Marina del Rey, Brentwood, West Hollywood, and Malibu, we’re committed to guiding clients’ on a glowful journey.

Nenergy Boost offers a range of effective services, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, oxidative (ozone) therapy, customized weight-loss support, anti-aging vitamin boosts, IV therapy, and more. We even offer mobile IV wellness services and VIP group events! Our IV formulations contain high-quality ingredients from one of the most respected compounding pharmacies and are developed and customized on arrival to suit the individual’s needs and energy levels on that specific day.

Professional Team

The Nenergy Boost clinic provides a serene environment for relaxation, energizing, and receiving quality medical care with a unique and personal touch. Our highly skilled medical professionals work diligently and collaboratively to uncover the root cause of health concerns and devise customized wellness plans based on proven-successful treatment methods. 

Nenergy Boost was named from the French term “new energy” and was founded by Askil Ghozland, MD, a conscientious and experienced physician, Parisian, and anti-aging expert, who’s been practicing medicine for almost five decades. 

The Nenergy Boost team maintains that all patients are not just a number in a system, but fellow human beings who deserve time, attention, respect, and valuable health care.

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