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Dr. A. S. Ghozland, MD

Is a top-rated, highly experienced physician who specializes in anti aging medicine and bioidentical hormone therapy e’s the founder and director of  Nenergy, an innovative vitamin boost and IV therapy clinic in the Brentwood neighborhood of West Los Angeles that serves residents from communities across the greater southern California region.

Dr. A. S. Ghozland received his medical degree from Paris-Sorbonne University in France, where he also carried out hs internship training. After finishing his residency at Bellington Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, he went on to complete his fellowship training in obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Following his extensive training, Dr. A. S. Ghozland began one of the first woman’s clinics in Brentwood, California, where he provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care to patients. Eventually, he became the CEO of the University Physician Health Care, an extensive network with clinics throughout California and Nevada.

As an internationally recognized physician who has been practicing medicine for close to five decades Dr. A S Ghozland is recognized as a leading expert in the field of anti-aging medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

He uses earth’s natural resources to offer advanced therapies and unparalleled treatment to patients to improve virtually any aspect of their health, ranging from memory and mood problems to hair loss, macular degeneration, and lack of energy.

With his warmth, wisdom, and wide breadth of experience, Dr. A S. Ghozland is committed to ensuring that every patient who comes to Nenergy goes home feeling balanced and energized


Why I love my job @ Nenergy Boost Clinic, it greatly contributes to my portfolio as a Practitioner. I love caring for people knowing that I am adding an extra dose of wellness and health to their life which adds to their happiness and wholeness. 

IV technician

This is Bobak, a spirited IV Technician at our Brentwood location. He specializes in our Ozone

Sauna, NAD, and high dose Vitamin C boosts, which are perfect for flu season! Bobak loves interacting with his patients and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Sabrina is the newest addition to our GlowUp team! Sabrina has been a nurse for 8 years and has extensive experience in pain management, spinal cord injury, and triage.

After Covid-19 turned the world upside down, she

realized combining her nursing skills with her love for natural health & wellness would result in a match made in heaven, making her the perfect fit for our team.

IV Technician

Meet Farah from our Brentwood location! Farah is

great with patients and has extensive knowledge on our services because she believes in what we do! Her go to treatments are ozone therapy (Farah’s specialty) that delivers the purest form of 02 and NAD which regenerates cells in the body and promotes energy amongst other benefits. Thank you for being apart of our Nenergy family!

Network Administrator

Meet Sindy, our network administrator and GlowUp specialist! Sindy’s love for Holistic Medicine is what makes her the perfect fit in our Nenergy family.  She takes pride in the services that we offer but even more so the results that she sees firsthand from our patients! You can stop into any of our locations and find Sindy ready to talk to you about her two favorite services the Ozone IV & Sauna, which helps fight any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection, as well as the NAD+ Limitless, that holds anti-aging properties and the energy boost you need throughout the day.


Working at Nenergy  for the past 5 years has been such a pleasure.   I have learned  treatments that help people using a  holistic approach to health . I believe in 2023 we need all the help we can get with these challenging times.  Our treatments help so many people.   This gives me such satisfaction knowing we are helping people .   This is a huge reason i love my job .   

Front Office

Nenergy Boost has allowed me to open my eyes to the world of alternative medicine. I enjoy working for this company because of the family that I have gained from working here. There is always room for growth and there is always something new to learn.

Front Office 

I like working at Nenergy Boost because of how family oriented this company is, and the warm welcome you feel walking into the office. We’ve created a great bond with all our patients, treating every single person who walks in like family. I have learned so much about naturopathic alternatives to keeping our bodies in peak performance. I would have to say my favorite treatment would be the Immunity IV with a Glutathione Push. The Immunity bag has such a high volume of vitamins and minerals, and Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that does wonders for the body.

Front Office 

Nenergy Boost has given me the opportunity to learn more about natural health and the benefits of alternative medicine. I enjoy working for this company because of the never-ending learning opportunities and ongoing guidance from the Nenergy Boost family.

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