IV Therapy Memberships

Non long term commitment: 4 month subscription followed by a month to month commitment Infusion Credit:

We understand that life gets busy and If you cannot use your IV one month then it can be credited to another month.

Extremely comprehensive cellular and metabolite assessment blood panel followed by in person or via telehealth review with our medical provider for recommendations and customized treatment protocols. Price 699.00

Silver package - Ageless Renewal Package

Your Monthly rejuvenation Boost. 165/month

  • 1 Nenergy Boost proprietary multivitamin Rejuvenation IV
  • Bioidentical Hormones: Members enjoy 20% off of their BIH treatments
  • Exclusive membership pricing and priority booking for mobile IV therapy
  • Enjoy 15% off all services ( IVs, Hyperbaric Chamber and ozone therapy)

Gold package - Eternal Vitality Package

Your monthly membership 499/month

  • Two Nenergy Boost proprietary multivitamin Rejuvenation IV
  • 4 Hyperbaric one hour sessions per week
  • One weekly B12 Vitamin injection
  • 20% off Hormone Bioidentical optimization
  • 20% off any peptide program
  • 20% off any IV or Ozone treatment
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and preferred booking for mobile IV

Platinum package - Infinity Wellness Package

Monthly membership 899/month

  • Quarterly blood work panel
  • Quarterly assessment consultation with our medical doctor with quartely
  • Two Nenergy Boost proprietary multivitamin Rejuvenation IV
  • Hyperbaric Chamber 1 hour session up to 8x/month
  • Weekly B12 vitamin injection + weekly NAD+ limitless injections
  • 1 glutathione or high dose Vit C IV/month
  • 20% off bioidentical hormone optimization
  • 20% off all IVs and Ozone packages
  • Preferred and exclusive booking and discounts for mobile booking services.

911 - Eternal Renewal Package

Infusion of Wolverine ( HP + EV Pure ) plus post infusion of Modified Myers with Vitc 20g + Mag 2g, No Calcium + HBOT ( to follow treatments )

  • Repeat Week 2 48 hours after an Ozone IV
  • Ozone – 8 sessions 2x/week for 2 weeks then 1x/week for 4 weeks followed by monthly maintenance.
  • HBOT – 8 sessions ( 2x/week for 2 weeks then 1x per week for 4 weeks )
  • NAD+ 500mg infusion 1x/week for 6 weeks plus daily supplement of NAD+ ex melts 300mg/dose daily
  • VIt D3 50,000 IU injection on day one
  • BPC -157 and TB 500
  • SS31

Add-on Options

  • Stem cell or Exosome IV infusion x 1
  • Ozone sauna


AgelessRenewal by Nenergy:

The name speaks to the ongoing journey of seeking to overcome the limitations of aging, emphasizing adventure and continuous improvement and with Renew underscores a revitalization of life and energy, offering a straightforward promise of renewal and restoration.

EternalVitality by Nenergy:

The name evokes the promise of eternal youth and health through advanced medical therapies and Vitality underscores the energy of life, suggesting reaching the peak of one’s maximum potential

InfinityWellness by Nenergy:

Infinity suggest limitless possibilities while wellness emphasizes overall health and well being, appealing to those seeking comprehensive long term solutions

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