Glutathione IG Video


Glutathione IG Video

Glutathione – 

Today we are doing a glutathione push.  

What is Glutathione – 

Glutathione is a great antioxidant.   

  • It helps to reduce free radicals.  Free radicals are single atoms with unpaired electrons that are damaging at the cellular level.  
  • Glutathione binds to these dangerous molecules basically stopping them in their tracks. 
  • Glutathione helps to reduce oxidative stress. 
  • It detoxifies the kidney and liver and improves insulin resistance.   

What is a push? 

  • A push is a smaller IV with less amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and sodium chloride.  
  • Our glutathione push delivers 99% of the nutrients directly into your bloodstream.  

How long does a push take? 

  • About ten to fifteen minutes.

What kind of effects will I see? 

  • Feel energized.  
  • Glutathione helps to reduce inflammation so it may help to reduce any pain you might have in your body.   
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