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Tips to Prepare for Your Best IV

Tips To Prepare For Your Best IV

Stay Hydrated If you have scheduled an appointment for an upcoming IV therapy…start drinking water.  Dehydration may make it more difficult for the nurse to find a vein.  If you already have issues with getting poked by needles, staying hydrated

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UV immunity

Ultraviolet Light And Immunity

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Help Your Body Fight Off That Cold or Flu with Ultraviolet Light Therapy Summary: You know that feeling when you are starting to get sick. 

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How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

How often have you blamed genetics for your weight problems? Well, there is some truth to it. Those genes. Add in age and gender and it may seem like controlling the rate at which the body burns calories is completely

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How Traveling for Work Impacts Your Health

How Traveling For Work Impacts Your Health

Ah, the glamorous life of business travel. Not exactly. To the outsider the jetsetter lifestyle may seem fun and exciting, but it takes a serious toll on health. What’s Unhealthy About Hopping on a Plane? Sure, there are some exciting

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