Vitamin Shots

When it comes to taking care of your health and nutrition, sometimes it can be hard to get it just right. Thanks to our selection of vitamin shots, you don’t have to worry as much. Our vitamin shots are the perfect complement to a nutrition and wellness based lifestyle, and will help you reach your wellness goals with ease.

On a special diet and afraid you aren’t getting the proper vitamins in your diet? With our vitamin shots, we make it easy to get those vitamins. Our vitamin shots are great to help you feel better after an illness, boost your immune system, help burn fat, give you a glowing complexion, and give your hair and nails the extra boost they need.

Our vitamin shots are available at a low cost, however it is recommended that you make an appointment for them prior to visiting our clinic.


We Offer the Following Vitamin Shots:

B12 Boost

Our B12 Vitamin shot will give you a boost of vitamin B12, which is an essential vitamin for boosting energy and increasing healthy nervous system function.

B12 + Folic Acid

B12 and folic acid are important for preventing illness and regulating bodily functions, as well as giving you energy. If you are lacking folic acid, or Vitamin B9, this is the vitamin shot for you.

B Complex

This vitamin shot includes eight essential B vitamins in one to help your body regulate functions, boost immunity, and get your energy levels back on track.

Biotin Glow

Biotin is responsible for giving your skin a healthy glow, as well as keeping your hair and nails growing strong and looking great.

Fat Burner Skinny

Our combination of fat burning and metabolism boosting vitamins is a great way to get you started on your weight loss journey.


This vitamin shot is a great way to help get your body a healthy dose of the antioxidant CoQ10, which is responsible for important brain and body functions, like memory, circulatory system health, and heart health.


Vitamin D3 gives your body a way to utilize the calcium and other minerals in the body, but so many people do not get enough vitamin D – this vitamin shot can help solve that problem.

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