Tips To Prepare For Your Best IV

Tips to Prepare for Your Best IV

Tips To Prepare For Your Best IV

Stay Hydrated – If you have scheduled an appointment for an upcoming IV therapy…start drinking water.  Dehydration may make it more difficult for the nurse to find a vein.  If you already have issues with getting poked by needles, staying hydrated may help to mitigate this.  

Come Prepared – Know what you want ahead of time.  You may have already booked an appointment for a particular service.  Depending on how you are feeling the day you walk in might determine what you actually need.  Did you go out drinking the night before?  Maybe you have an upcoming interview or presentation that you want to be sharp for.  Whatever is going on in your life, talk with your IV therapist about how you are feeling and what you would like to get out of the session.  The IV therapists are great at customizing options and offering recommendations to complement your session for the ultimate IV experience. 

Chair Service – You have the option to enjoy your IV experience in a few ways.  If you prefer solitude, a private room may be the best option for you.  There is usually a private room that can be booked with no extra charge.  Ask to reserve a private area ahead of time to ensure that it is available and waiting for you when you get there.   If you like to meet new people and chat, the IV lounge allows for you to safely IV with others.  Additionally, bringing a friend or more helps to pass the time.  IV lounges usually can hold up to 6 IV’ers safely.  If this is your preferred route call and ask to reserve the location for that time to have the space for just you and your socially distancing besties. Think friends with healthy benefits.

Schedule Accordingly – Plan to hang out for a bit.  Make sure to ask how long your service may take.  Depending on what you are getting, you could be there anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.  

Chill – Once you are all hooked up, just sit back and relax.  Feel free to watch TV from the flatscreen within the IV Lounge, stream from your own device or close your eyes and listen to your zen playlist.  Ask your IV therapist for any additional amenities to enjoy the experience.  They usually have pillows, blankets, snacks, and beverages for your comfort.  

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