Zinc: Your Secret Weapon Against Cold And Flu Season

Zinc: Your Secret Weapon Against Cold And Flu Season

Everyone knows that the flu vaccination is your best defense against getting the seasonal virus, but there’s another even more easily accessible weapon available: zinc.

What is Zinc and What Does it Do?

This mineral helps boost the immune system, heal wounds and support the body’s overall growth. It makes perfect sense then that it’s particularly beneficial now, just when the flu and cold season starts to hit hard.

Experts recommend 8 milligrams of zinc a day for women and 11 milligrams for men. Although zinc supplements exist, the best way to reap the benefits of this mineral is by infusing it into your daily diet. The mineral is beneficial for a variety of reasons since it contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc is Everywhere, Just Start Looking

Zinc boosts antiviral properties. What does that mean? Well, that flu that’s attempting to attack your system is a virus, but if you ingest enough zinc your body may have the power to fight it off. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to add more zinc into your diet since the mineral naturally occurs in many of the foods we regularly eat. Also, bringing the foods you don’t eat on a normal basis to the table may make your meals a bit more exciting anyway.

Feel free to order another round of oysters on the half shell. Shellfish is great source of zinc providing 3-and-a-half times the daily recommended amount of the mineral for women. Scallops are another zinc-filled sea-sourced option offering 1.3 milligrams in a three-ounce serving.

Other zinc-heavy items include: whole grains, legumes, red meat, dairy and eggs. Also, don’t forget about this one: dark chocolate. Seriously, you can add this sweet to your “healthy” list since it contains a bunch of anti-inflammatory, memory and cancer-preventing properties. One bar of the dreamy dessert (with at least 70 percent dark chocolate) has about 3.3 milligrams of zinc.

IV Vitamin Infusion for Your Immune System

You can also infuse vitamins into your system without ingesting any food or supplements. IV vitamin therapy can help boost immunity and ward off viruses with minerals such as zinc.

Nenergy Boost offers a Targeted Boost Immunity IV to strengthen your immune system at the first signs of getting sick. We also have an IV drip called Malware which includes a dose of zinc to combat viruses this time of year.

You can schedule a vitamin IV session in Los Angeles by booking an appointment online with Nenergy Boost.

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